The Importance of Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

October 11, 2022

Workplace diversity is more than just going down a list and ticking boxes. As businesses continue to change with the times and challenge centuries-old company policies, diversity is no longer an aspiration but rather the norm.

Defining Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is the representation of different subgroups in a company, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, cultural beliefs, and demographics. Inclusion is the practice of affording equal access to opportunities and resources in a company.

A diverse and inclusive workplace makes everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do for the company, feel equally involved and supported in all areas of the workplace. Hence, why many organisations that foster a diverse inclusive culture experience an overall better business performance.

Better Business Performance

According to Great Place to Work®’s report, organisations that adopt a diverse and inclusive workplace see higher revenue growth, greater readiness to innovate among employees, increased ability to recruit a diverse talent pool and 5.4 times higher employee retention.

How SUMO Does It

So, how can employers embody diversity and inclusion together and make for a harmonious workplace?

There are various ways to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. SUMO constantly strives to improve ours in creative and fun ways.

Here are some of the practices we actively engage in as a company:

1. Acknowledging diverse religious and cultural practices through holidays and team event

2. Arranging for flexible team bonding activities to accommodate different lifestyles outside of work

3. Continuously improve communication within the SUMO Team by conducting a working style test for every team member, to acknowledge diverse communication preferences within the organisation.

4. Update sick leave policy to cover mental health days

SUMO sees past biases and believes in hiring for talent and contribution above all else. What matters is one’s ability to enforce a positive influence on all and maintain the #SUMOCulture that we are carefully crafting and nurturing in the workplace.

A diverse and inclusive culture will not only attract talent but also retain them. Having a sense of belongingness among employees will make them feel more connected at work, reducing any thoughts of dropping out. And working for an amazing company with inclusivity and diversity at the forefront will motivate the team to work harder, and smarter and produce higher-quality output.

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