Our Story

"We are driven to make skilled offshore staffing accessible to small to medium businesses across Australia."

Not many people are driven to change the way Australian businesses view, value and build their team with skilled staff from overseas, but we are. Whether businesses are looking to grow from a one-man army to a team of many, or looking to hire more staff to support your business and clients, it can be challenging and expensive to start go through the hiring process to suit your needs.

Since our conception, we have been driven to providing an alternative to the outsourcing and corporate BPO’s, corporate environments we feel do not provide the best value for either the company who hires a staff member or the staff member themselves. We have carefully crafted solutions and procedures to address this. Building our processes and infrastructure has been critical to what we do, but it is our culture and methodology around holistic employee growth that makes us different.

Our first hire was within a traditional Australian based accounting firm (EDR Accounting & Business Solutions Pty Ltd) in 2016. Like other Australian based firms, they saw the benefits to offshoring. After running their own internal team in the Philippines, several of their clients saw the benefits of outsourcing their internal processes and from the trust that was provided to us, we slowly grew from there.

Before we knew it we had more clients asking if we could do the same for them, hence the creation of Set Up My Offshore (affectionately known as SUMO).

The Pioneers

Sham Pascual
Chief Operation Officer
The team power house. With years of management experience in small to medium businesses, Sham has been with SUMO from the beginning, molding the team to where it is today. What we love about Sham is that she leads from the front, from both a technical and problem solving expertise that is critical in driving a high functioning team.
Eric Dickler
Eric comes from a strong technical accounting and risk management background. Having worked 5 years for Ernst & Young and three years as a Risk Advisor to a major Australian Bank before starting his own accounting practice, EDR Accounting & Business Solutions, Eric has seen what a proper and efficient staff can do to uplift a growing Australian business, this he brought to SUMO.
Mich Dasig
Manager & Resources Team Leader
Our process and systems guru. Helping Aussie businesses for years, streamline accounting and bookkeeping whilst leading a small team, Mich has provided assistance to enable growth and success to businesses she has touched. What we love about Mich is that she blends high level technical skills with her business process expertise to enable each and every staff member to succeed.
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