Work-Life Balance: How SUMO Cultivates a Human-Centred Workplace

Work-Life Balance: How SUMO Cultivates a Human-Centred Workplace

Finding the Right Work-Life Balance

Gone are the days when we celebrate employees for burning the midnight oil to punch through a deadline. These days when that happens, your manager usually checks in with you to reimagine your work capacity and manage your workload better.

Indeed, it is a testament to the groundbreaking shift in the way companies promote their company culture. Accentuated by the pandemic, the majority of the workforce has come to a realisation that there is no line of work that is worth the health risk and time lost that should be spent with loved ones.

From the beginning, SUMO has carefully cultivated a human-centered workplace, where work is built around our employees’ lives, and not the other way around.

And to that end, we acknowledge that more than anything, the freedom to work whenever and wherever best, is what employees value the most – and that performance is based on output, and not on how many hours they work, nor where they work.

Whilst SUMO has plans to return to the office, on a hybrid arrangement, we do not have a hard and fast rule that everyone should come along with us. We assure our employees that we are going to consider their individual circumstances and that they have a choice of where their happy (work)place is. We are constantly looking for and implementing ways to have better collaboration and improved physical and mental health for the #SUMOteam.

SUMO prides itself on being a forward-thinking company, where our core values are employee-focused and performance-driven. We do not shy away from challenging centuries-old company policies if it results in a satisfied workforce and a competitive edge in the battle for talent.