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At SUMO, we understand that your business takes center stage. Starting and building your team should be top priority, this is why we make it a point to provide effective and efficient staffing solutions to our clients to support their growing business. As hiring your own staff and in connection, offshoring may prove to be a challenge and may sound foreign to some. Here are a few questions that we frequently get from our clients, to get you started.

Our office base is located in Metro Manila (Philippines). With recent events and with the comfort of the team in mind, the SUMO Staff is generally on a work-at-home set up. This arrangement allows the team to perform at their most comfortable and efficient, which in turn gives maximum output and delivery to their respective clients and tasks.

Your SUMO staff will be set up with a new computer + single or dual monitor displays (depending on requirement), VOIP phone lines with Australian phone numbers. All of the normal office costs are looked after by the SUMO team.

Easy. You can get in touch with your staff whenever you want to via jumping on a call or video conference, it's like you're working in the next office with them. This has been a fairly common practice for a lot of businesses in 2020 in Australia.

Great question. We don't take shortcuts here:
  • Centralised identity and access management
  • Device endpoint management with robust security and data protection policies
  • Strict corporate and acceptable use policies
  • Staff security awareness training
  • Measured and accessed against ACSC essential eight maturity recommendations and other ASCS recommendations and guidelines.
  • Employee and compliance tracking software solution
  • Anti-virus
  • Firewall protection

Our recruitment process takes approximately 2-3 weeks, but we ask clients to allow for an additional 2-4 weeks if the employee is coming from another employer and is required to give notice.

Each employee is covered by a comprehensive health care plan, which includes one dependent/family member.

A 13-month payment is mandatory in the Philippines as an end of year bonus for all staff members. Not to worry this is already factored in to your SUMO staff's package.

There is a one-off set-up fee of $1,999 for each employee. This covers our cost for recruitment and initial training. Prices in $AUD.

Your staff will be available when you are, within working hours, of course. The Manila SUMO staff observes regular work hours, from M-F, 9am - 5pm "Australia Time", depending on your state and timezone.

Each prospective staff member goes through multiple interview phases to assess their eligibility and compatibility with your requirements - which includes effective communication skills as well as technical ability.

We offer a 6-month guarantee on each new hire. If you are not completely satisfied within 6 months we will rehire for your position with no additional set-up costs.

We require 2 months written notice for any cancellation giving us enough time to support staff members in finding a new role internally or externally.

We treat all SUMO staff members as part of the SUMO Team. We expect all staff members to be treated like you would any normal company employee - this includes communicating your requirements, being accessible when required, and active participation in performance evaluations.

A SUMO team member can do anything. We tailor fit all hiring requirements to what you and your company need to grow and succeed as a business.

Contact the team in Brisbane for a conversation about what you need and we will tell you if it is appropriate based on your requirements.

Fill out the contact form here to get started.

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What our clients say about SUMO
  • Kim Riley
    As a small business owner / operator in regional Western Australia, I found it almost impossible to work enough hours a day to wear all the different hats required for operating a successful compliant business in this day and age. The help and assistance that our team member Jay Ann has brought to the table was a real lifeline and exceeded all of our expectations. We now have in house technical bookkeeping, administration, and business support that we would have otherwise never been possible to afford for a small business, our experience with SUMO has been a fantastic one and certainly a key factor to our continued success, growth, and improvement.
  • Matt Fleming
    We have hired both an Accountant and IT support staff through SUMO and I could not speak more highly of the process and experience with the team. I would have no problem recommending SUMO, or speaking on the benefits of offshoring staff as the team constantly supports and trains each staff member on an ongoing basis.
  • Anne has been a critical hire for my business and looks after everything from project correspondence, administration as well as a range of accounts and bookkeeping tasks. Anne has been a glue for my team and my business, and I credit the team at SUMO for supporting her and my team to bring the best out of her.
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