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Generally, our office is located in Metro Manila (Philippines). Our office is a modern, secure building with quick internet speeds and VOIP phone set-ups. Comfortable, clean, safe and accessible. Tons of natural light and amenities. Currently, the team are still working from home in light of the environmental health circumstances.

All our staff are set up with a new computer with dual monitor displays, including VOIP phones with Australian based phone numbers. All of the normal office costs are looked after by us.

Easily, you can see them whenever you want to via jumping on a call or video conference; a fairly common practice for a lot of businesses in 2020 in Australia. We have both system monitoring installed for every employee which we will give you access to review every screen action and keystroke. Whilst we conduct regular performance checks, we have found that our clients never log into this system as the output demonstrates a high level of productivity.

Great question. 

We don’t take shortcuts here: 

  • Centralised identity and access management
  • Device endpoint management with robust security and data protection policies
  • Strict corporate and acceptable use policies
  • Staff security awareness training
  • Measured and accessed against ACSC essential eight maturity recommendations and other ASCS recommendations and guidelines. 
  • Employee and compliance tracking software solution
  • Anti-virus
  • Firewall protection

Our recruitment process takes approximately 2-3 weeks, but we ask clients to allow for an additional 2-4 weeks if the employee is coming from another employer and is required to give notice.

Each employee is covered by our health care, which includes one dependent.

In the Philippines, it is mandatory to do a 13-month payment as an end of year bonus. Not to worry this is already included by us in your package.

There is a one-off set-up fee of $1,999 for each employee. This covers our cost for recruitment and initial training. Prices in $AUD.

Our staff work in your dedicated time zone. For example, in Australia our staff work 9am to 5pm (7am-3pm Manila time). Adjustment of starting and finishing times are possible.

Each prospective staff member is interviewed multiple times to assess communication as well as technical ability. Each prospective staff member will undertake a written English and technical (if required) examination to ensure proficiency.

We offer a 6-month guarantee on each new hire. If you are not completely satisfied within 6 months we will rehire for your position with no additional set-up costs.

We require 2 months written notice for any cancellation giving us enough time to support staff members in finding a new role internally or externally.

We expect all staff members to be treated as if they were normal company employees. This includes communicating your requirements, being accessible when required, and active participation in performance evaluations.

Contact the team in Brisbane for a conversation about what you need and we will tell you if it is appropriate based on your requirements.