SUMO Staff Interview

The Perfect Fit

Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Team

There are several factors that go into the process of hiring, such as evaluating candidates for technical competencies, behavioural aptitude and being culturally fit with the company. When sizing up candidates for a role, I invest as much time and energy as needed to go beyond the surface and try to see their true selves, because that version is who we will be working with, not the curated person in the polished resume.

One of the key elements that I put into practice is having the creativity to ask questions that the candidates will not see coming. It gets eerily robotic hearing rehearsed answers out of commonplace interview questions, hence I mix it up by throwing curveballs that will get the candidates on their toes and provide me more insights into what makes them tick.

By being genuinely interested in the candidates, I give them the sense that I see them as a whole person, someone who is real and unlike others, and not just another checkbox that I will mark off my interview list. Building a rapport right off the bat is a great starting point. It sets the tone for the harmonious relationship that we will have and it makes everything easier for us moving forward.

There are times when I feel pressured to fill a role quickly, especially when it’s forĀ  an immediate hire and the client is keen to have a candidate start yesterday. Even though there is that demand, I do not want to end up hiring the first person I meet just for the sake of it. On the other hand, I understand I cannot wait forever for the near-perfect candidate.

Hiring the best person for our clients and their team is top priority, always.

There is no exact science when it comes to finding the right person for the job. Sometimes, it is a roll of the dice. Nobody has a perfect track record when it comes to hiring, and that is not my goal anyway. For me, what matters most, is to keep on improving my hiring game. Having that persona touch increases the chances of successfully marrying up a client who needs help with their growing business, with a candidate who is seeking for an opportunity to learn and grow in a conducive work environment.