5 Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing in 2024

September 24, 2023
Dan Roggenkamp

If you’re looking to grow your business without the additional cost, then you’ve probably heard of offshore outsourcing one too many times. Outsourcing was first recognised back in 1989 but was still considered a taboo business strategy long after that. Now that we live in this digital age, that certainly isn’t the case anymore. In fact, many businesses that are constantly searching for ways to be flexible and cost-effective are now embracing the numerous advantages of offshore outsourcing in 2024.

With that said, let’s dive into five reasons why you should consider offshore outsourcing for your business.

1. Reduces Costs

The primary reason why most businesses nowadays choose to outsource overseas is because of the cost reduction. Specialists in the industry claim that, on average, they experience around 15% reduced costs because of offshore outsourcing. 

A lot of factors play into these reduced expenses. For instance, the cost of living in other countries like the Philippines is a lot lower as compared to Australia. Thus, businesses that choose to outsource to locations like the Philippines are able to save up to 60% on labour. 

Other factors like lower material costs, and widened service offerings because of higher efficiency that drives sales can also affect how much the reduced costs will be. 

2. Improves Company Focus

Aside from cost savings, offshore outsourcing also gives businesses the potential to free up time and resources that can be redirected to core business operations, which ultimately paves the way for increased profit and growth. 

3. Quick Resource Scaling

If your goal is to build a large workforce right away, offshore outsourcing partners often take on the hat of recruitment, training, and other HR functions in collaboration with your needs and vision. 

This reduces the administrative responsibility on your part, hitting two birds with one stone—a quality recruitment process and more time for you and your local team to focus on the business’s core operations.

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4. Covers Different Time Zones

With the advent of the internet, more customers are expecting 24/7 service. Especially for industries like retail and entertainment.

So when offshore outsourcing, it is important to strategize how to best utilize different time zones. Ask yourself, would your business benefit more if your offshore staff works synchronously with your local team or asynchronously to offer round-the-clock service like 24/7 technical support? Weigh the pros and cons and then go for what’s going to help grow your business.

5. Access to International Talents

Offshore outsourcing provides access to a diverse talent pool with various niche skills that may be more costly if hired locally. At a lower cost, a business gets to choose from an abundance of labour resources that offer a diverse talent pool, to find the best match for its business. 

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