10 Ideas To Improve Employee Engagement

May 31, 2024

Employee engagement is more than just a buzzword. 87% of engaged employees are less likely to leave a company because it brings clarity of purpose at work. It creates a ripple effect of energy and commitment that brings in 78% of good business results. 

Here at SUMO, we are committed to investing into our social initiatives to boost engagement which leads to enhanced productivity and retention. We know this is not a walk in the park, and we are here to explore 10 ideas to improve your employee engagement. 

Contrary to popular belief, candidates are not the only ones that should put their best foot forward during the recruitment stage. This is also an opportunity for businesses  to show off who and what their team culture is all about. Hence, the importance of creating a memorable and creative experience even on the initial email, call, or face to face interview. 

So be sure to make their application experience count. Whether that’s gamifying the whole process to make it unique or as simple as making the flow of communication a breeze. And don’t stop there, keep the momentum going by continuously improving the entire employee journey.

According to Flex Job’s survey, working flexibly and / or remotely promotes a healthy work-life balance by 30% which is one of the leading drivers for employee retention. 

Naturally, the feasibility of such arrangements depends on the nature of your business and its ability to accommodate them. If you’re worried about the effectiveness of your employees in a flexible or remote work set up, remember that a results-oriented approach as a method of measurement is a remarkable way to go about it.

Take every chance to celebrate your employees and their achievements beyond the business. Bring in birthday cakes, highlight community awards they earned, or surprise them with a graduation gift. 

Employees are more than their work and showing them that you recognize this will make a big difference.

Think team getaways, holiday parties, happy hours in summer, or even team lunches. Make spending quality time outside the office a priority to build meaningful work relationships and bring the team closer together.

One thing about people is that we want to make a difference, big or small.  

Encouraging volunteer works, such as organising clean-up drives, tree planting or immersion with indigenous communities are perfect opportunities to quench your team’s altruistic side.

Be sure to provide people with access to the right training that will help them grow in their craft both personally and professionally through workshops, seminars, online courses, or tuition reimbursement programs.

In the words of Richard Branson, “Train people well enough so that they can leave, but treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Encourage employees to take a strengths assessment to discover their talents and potential. This helps in engaging and developing them effectively. Suggest it as a team bonding activity to understand each other’s strengths and collaborate better.

When team members fail or make bad decisions, avoid playing the blame game. Instead make it an opportunity to solidify trust. Show them that they have a team to support and look for new solutions with them. 

This does not mean relieving them of accountability, but these moments show your team that the management truly looks after them.

Though turnovers are inevitably difficult, celebrating a team member’s transition to a new venture or personal growth can help alleviate some of the strain. 

This provides a chance for colleagues to bid farewell while also demonstrating to the remaining staff that your business places importance on every employee, whether they choose to stay or move on.

The 9-to-5 daily routine can become monotonous for employees over time. To counter this, introduce variety with activities like walking meetings, coffee shop meetups, team lunches or dinners, and informal online catch-ups for remote teams. 

These breaks can refresh employees and elevate that tiresome routine of just staying glued to computer screens, fostering a more engaging work environment.

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