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Save as much as 60-70% compared to an onshore or outsourced hire. We hire directly based on your requirements and focus on:

What we do

We provide staff for small to medium businesses across Australia, all based from our office in Manila. Providing both full and part time staff, we eliminate the guesswork, the risk and the time it takes to hire, develop and monitor a team member directly, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hire or outsourcing.


We only hire the top 5%. SUMO was created off the back of a successful accounting practice in Australia that provides capable accounting, bookkeeping and administration staff to their clients. After building an exceptional team of leaders and technical staff in their field, we are not limited by budget, geography or support for direct hiring. We directly solve our clients’ most common hiring problems, with a supported employment and team structure from our Manila office.

Our team is not just an offshoring company that refers candidates. We will train, support and provide an environment of collaboration and growth. We are also a direct account manager, who works with your leadership group to model best workflow as well as drive learning and development opportunities for your staff that will directly benefit you. 

We are not a BPO, we are a team that are invested in growing highly skilled, capable and skilled professionals in the Philippines. Our team will ensure that your hire becomes an integral member of your team, saving you time and money.

How Does SUMO Work?

Searching potential candidates

Leave the pre-selection process to us. We will work directly with you to understand the skillset and talent you need.

Once we have determined your business’ needs, our team will look for people with the necessary skills, experience and knowledge. We will interview and recruit candidates directly. Those who pass shall be shortlisted and endorsed for hiring.

Train and set up a process

From the first day, we will work alongside the employee and provide guidance, training and development. Your SUMO account manager will build their processes alongside your leadership team, guiding their transformation into a key member of your team.

Together we will define their duties and responsibilities. Our team and their wider SUMO cohort will be there in the background to provide technical guidance to your staff member as they need it.

Continuous support & training

Your new hire will be backed by a team of subject matter experts, both in Australia and in Manila, guiding your employee’s performance. Our lines remain directly open if they need any support.

Our role is to support, train and enable; growing your staff; growing your staff member in capability, adding more value as your organisation grows.

Why Sumo Works So Well

We only match great people with equally great companies, no exception

We foster a culture of growth, support and collaboration in our internal team to ensure a staff member’s success in yours

Continuous improvement is our status quo

What makes us effective

We will provide ongoing training and support for your staff after you hire them. Our team looks after Australian businesses and manages technically proficient and relevant skill-sets for small to medium businesses only. SUMO has always combined high-level technical expertise and business experience, a service usually missing in outsourcing teams.
We are not afraid to ask questions and will continue collaborating with your team for improvements.

How does my team member manage day to day activities?

In collaboration with your team, your dedicated account manager will model ideal workflow and embed this alongside your team member. Ongoing SUMO support team is on standby with dedicated support and direct contact with your team. You provide the daily directives, while we cover everything else related to your team member’s employment (payroll, tax, insurances, equipment, human resources, office overheads etc).

Your staff will work directly for you and be integrated into your team. They will use the same operating systems and email you use, just like any other employee who is located outside the office, but with the support of the entire SUMO team behind them.


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